Things I Saw on my Bike this Week

If you are reading this blog I am likely preaching to the choir but I'll say it of the many benefits of riding a bike is how much you see; you are not simply passing by your surroundings in an enclosed metal climate-controlled shell, you are part of it. And is often the case I carried my camera with me this past week and thought I'd share a bit of what I saw (click any photo for a larger view). The above photo was on my way home last night on Allen was late-dusk and just a few minutes before the light was gone and that blue hue literally stopped me in mid-pedal. The next set below are a few of the natural environment (I really enjoy being aware of nature in the city). And lastly, the bottom set is in response to the rich history and architectural heritage of our city (the National Trust for Historic Preservation is having their annual conference here this week). Anyhow, after busy days rushing around a hot kitchen I find it relaxing to ride my bike as a vehicle to get from point A to point B, but also to simply ride around and look at things (and take a few pictures along the way).