Curly-Swirly Bread

Beautiful...isn't it. Two bread doughs rolled into each other, giving it a curly-swirly look (for some reason every time I type the phrase "curly-swirly" I have a desire to listen to the song Hurdy Gurdy Man). Anyhow, one of the doughs is made with a puree of fresh roast red peppers and the other contains a fresh spinach puree; the red pepper bread also contains cheddar cheese while the spinach contains Parmesan. I don't have a written recipe for this but breads such as these are easy to make by adapting nearly any bread recipe that you may already use or any on this blog. One of the differences (for me) is that the breads pictured are made with white unbleached bread flour opposed to my usual method using whole wheat (I brought these to our Thanksgiving feast recently and not everyone shares my interest in all things whole wheat). Keep in mind that when you add a liquid puree to a bread recipe you'll need to either reduce some of the original liquid in the recipe or increase the total amount of flour. These are easy to make and have an incredible flavor...and they are pretty spectacular to look at. To see a previous post on these breads (with step-by-step photos) click here; if you'd like directions on how to roast a pepper (written and photographic), click here. If you have any questions on the process feel free to leave a comment.