The Story of Broke

I came across this 8-minute video tonight. It's the second video from the same person that brought us The Story of Stuff, which is somewhat longer but both are really interesting. Anyhow, if you have the 8-minutes to spare I hope you watch may make you a bit angry (it did me), but it'll likely make you think. I--by-the-way--mailed off my first return of an unsolicited junk mail to a bank with the envelope stuffed full of other unrelated junk idea I got from this video.

Click here to go to the Story of Stuff website.


Kevin said…
Thanks so much for posting this. it really articulates what I have been feeling for a long time. It is not to late to turn this thing around. I urge everyone to share both the videos with as many people as possible.


Kevin in Toronto
Joe said…
Kevin...Thanks! Glad you liked them.