Test Your Awareness...

This is really interesting, it's a test of your awareness...on how well you notice things around you (and yes, it relates to bicycles...you'll see at the end). It's only a bit over a minute long . I have to confess that I failed miserably. I'd be interested to hear what others have to say about their findings.


the_big_smile said…
Interesting video!

I counted only 12 passes. And I could find the 13th, when I watched the video a second time.

But even after looking to the video 3 times I couldn't find a moonwalking bear.

Bo I think it an interesting way of telling people to look out for cyclists!
And pedestrians, children, disabled too, by the way. ;-)
Joe said…
Yes it is a cool video...watch it again but this time don't watch the guys playing catch...your sure to see the guy in the bear suit.
the_big_smile said…

Oh, well, I should have cleaned my glasses before watching the video!

I found the bear!

Thanks for the hint.
Joe said…
It is funny after you see it...isn't it?
the_big_smile said…
It is.

I allways looked for the bear in the very background!

Great idea to make a video like this.