Things That Can Be Carried on a Bike (#371)

A really big Christmas wreath.


Jack said…
I have long enjoyed your TTCBConB series. I think this is the first time, however, that I have guffawed aloud an entry. I tip my hat to you and your wreath.
Max said…
Wow, nice one Joe! Holy conifer!

So the question that begs to be asked, are you gonna leave it on there for the season??? I mean talk about side visibility!
Joe said…
Yes, pretty comical, right? I felt like I was riding a bike-powered parade float. It was one of the most unstable loads I've ever carried. I only had about 3/4 of a mile to go but it was down a busy can imaging the looks/comments. Max: I won't leave it on for the holidays; to impractical (neighbors likely think I'm a freak already), but I have thought about decorating one of the bikes for the holidays. Jack: made you guaff aloud...mission accomplished :)
tim said…
Thanks for that one, it gave me a good chuckle!
Max said…
I as just kidding about you keep it on there Joe, but you must have a really big front door. And rest assured, just the fact that you ride a bike for anything other than recreation pretty much makes you a freak in our society anyway.

The serious question I have for you is about the stand. How did it handle the lopsided load? It certainly looks like it's working...
Joe said…
Tim...thanks, glad it made you laugh.

Max, the stand alone works great...very stable. It's great to sit on the bike at an outdoor concert you the best seat in the house. And yes, I agree, using a bike for my main transport--especially being a middle aged guy, not a twenty something--does make me a freak by our "society's standards"...but I've found it way more fun to be a freak than to be regular (whatever that is) for most of my life :)
the_big_smile said…
Joe, decorating a bike for the holidays... did you see this one?

But your Xmas wreath look way more cool!

Here in Germany it is not that unusual riding a bike. In the summer....
If you ride a bike in winter and a bike like the Mundo it makes you a freak over here, too.
So never mind about being a freak! There are more freaks out there, than we know. ;-)

I am proud to be a freak!
And my wife is proud of me being a freak, too.
My parents are, too.
My parents in law.... Well let's about something else. ;-)
They think, I behave ridiculous.
But nor me nor my wife mind about that. ;-)

It's just perfect to be freak, isn't it?
Joe said…
I do enjoy being a freak.
Love the lighted bike.