Another View from my Handlebars

Beautiful isn't? Inspiring to say the least. I pass this intersection a few times a week and am always inspired by this beautiful church. Tonight, as it drizzled and sleeted lightly as I rode by, I thought I'd stop and snap a couple pictures. It's First Presbyterian Church at Symphony Circle. And as I stood there admiring it--while people in cars zipped past me seemingly trying to beat each other through the circle--I couldn't help but marvel at its history. This is one of the oldest churches in our city. Now, for my EU friends reading this you might not think that 200 years is that old...but in this young country it is. The congregation first began worshiping together in 1812...during the War of 1812; the same year that the young outpost of Buffalo was burned to the ground. This is actually their 3rd building; the first was wood, then there was a previous stone one, and now the one you see before you which was completed in 1889. And, by-the-way, if you are wondering what the white spots are in the is rain/sleet; I turned the flash on to capture them in front of the camera. I mention this for two reasons/examples...this image is another example of something you'd never have a chance to admire--really admire--if you were zipping through the circle in a car, and also, it's a good example that good pictures can be captured with an inexpensive camera. I'm starting to trail off now so I'll stop...I just thought I'd share a picture tonight of something I saw over my handlebars this evening (click it for a larger view). is the new address for this blog; please update your bookmarks :)