Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#414)...and a few comments on the new Bike

On the bike...3 liters of red wine and a gym bag containing wet clothes.

A few comments on the new bike...Well, I've had it nearly a week and am finally getting used to it. I haven't introduced a new bike into the fleet in some years and it sort of feels like I brought a new pet in the house...not sure what to expect as every bike is different. Overall I really like it. I really love how smoothly it shifts (and that I can shift when I'm stopped...because of the internal shifter) but I can see how a 3-speed can be limiting. I'm still getting used to the coaster brake (haven't had one of those since being a kid) but can see how useful it can's nice to coast to a stop slowly with my feet. I'm also still getting used to the front that it turns when the handlebars and front tire others don't and it seems a bit more stable if the rack stays stationary. I'm enjoying it's size (it still feels so small to me) and that it is easy to navigate in and out of places. It's sort of exactly what I was expecting...a nice simple bike that can handle a certain amount of load carrying and will be good for day-to-day travel. In short, I love its simplicity. It is a welcome addition to my bikes but will definitely not replace the Mundo (which is far superior not only in it's load carrying, but is still the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden). One interesting thing I discovered tonight (about the Cargo-T) is that the spacing of the bars on the front rack is perfect for carrying 1.5 liter bottles of wine...and that may be a bit detrimental.