Bike to Work

I knew that May was National Bike Month but was not aware that today--May 18th--was National Bike-To-Work-Day. It's likely that to many who read this blog this is irrelevant information as you may ride to work on many days already (sort of like preaching to the choir), but I thought I'd say it anyhow...Happy bike-to-work-day!


Anonymous said…
Well...since I'm a glorified Housewife (while I may call it "retirement",I am,in fact,legally disabeld ;) ),I work at home*,but I did enjo riding to run errands and pic some things up :)

Hey,I have a question for know how you'll make posts about what you can/did haul by bicycle? Now that I have a cargo-lite bike of my own,wouldyou be flattered or offended if I incorporated similar to my ride posts where I hauled? (I alwas loved those posts you'd make,ad have been inspired).

The Disabled Cyclist

*To every woman who is/was/has been/will be a housewife/home-maker,here's a red blooded hairy man agreeing with's a thankless job that never ends,and you have been underappreciated for all that you do :)
Joe George said…
DC...of course I would not mind...your blog is your deal...but thanks for being kind enough to ask first. Thanks as always for visiting and commenting.
Anonymous said…
I'm sorry I just found this reply,my friend...LOL,I couldn't remember where I'd asked it of you :p

I hope you are hving anawesome weekend,my friend,and thanks :D

The DC