Food Not Lawns

The above image is of my teeny front yard, or what was once a front yard. I haven't grown grass there in years. I've been a vegetable gardener for the past 25 years or so, and after moving into my current house about ten years ago I realized two things. The first was that I didn't like to cut grass (I've always known that), and the front of my house received the best sunlight. So you know the rest...yup, tore it up and planted food. Anyhow, I spent the better part of the morning today preparing the soil. I planted a few things in pots today and should start to get things in the ground over the next week (I also have a small garden in the rear of the house). The Mundo is in the background mounted with three crates getting ready to get more plants and supplies. Exciting. Anyhow, if you'd like to see a few pics from previous years gardens, click here. You may also find Food Not Lawns interesting.


Anonymous said…
That's just cool,my friend! As for yard size,you front is longer but slightly narrower than our side yard,but considerably bigger than our front (really...not much up front at all-look at my oldest blog posts,I think there's front-of-house pic in there somewhere,LOL!).

We wanted to plant some veggies (and maybe strawberries...mmmmmm!) this year as well,would be our first time,but we wanted to wait until we had a mortgage (meaning it's ours)....almost there,but not yet. Next year :)

the Disabled Cyclist
Joe George said…
DC...I figured out long ago that growing vegetables is way more fun than growing and cutting grass...and they taste better than grass also :)