Thoughts on Mobility

The above photo, of course, is my v3 Mundo carrying my son's Stratocaster. This could be a post in my Things That Can be Carried on a Bike series, but it's not. More so, this is just a few random thoughts on mobility...or more specifically, on my being car-free. 

I was carrying my son's guitar just as I do nearly every Thursday evening...he has a guitar lesson about two miles away. When I had my truck I would would sometimes drive him, but these days he either walks or takes the bus and I meet him with his guitar. I usually wait across the street at a bar and have a Rusty Chain or two while he has his lesson. But I digress...

Just after I left my house, and carrying the guitar, I was rounding this corner when I saw a truck that looked was my former truck. It felt odd for a couple reasons. First because I was just thinking how I am in my third month of being car-free, but also because it was my former truck and seeing someone else drive it seemed a little weird. But then I remembered how we don't really own anything in this world, we're just using it (I really believe this...and what is money and material possessions anyhow?). I watched as the truck drove away and then pulled into a store ahead. As the new owner got out of the vehicle I stopped to talk to him, and as I did I looked at the truck. Again it felt a bit weird.

It's interesting in that someone just this morning at work asked if I didn't miss owning a, I told her, I'm fine without one. And I am. It's odd how getting rid of my truck has barely had an impact on my life (but we'll see what tune I'm singing in the middle of winter).

Today, like much of the rest of the country, it was hot...90F/32C hot. And after my son's lesson was over I left the air conditioned bar it was still hot. After strapping his guitar to the bike I slowly pedaled and coasted into a mild but warm headwind. It was just after rush hour but the street was still crowded. And while I pedaled and coasted I likely had a smile on my face because there was nowhere else at that moment I wanted to be.