Jeremy's Vision...

“Space and time are the framework within which the mind is constrained to construct its experience of reality.”

Recently I had the opportunity to preview a new restaurant/performance space which will open very soon here in Buffalo. It is an extension of a longstanding funky coffee shop on our West Side, Sweetness7, which is owned by Prish Moran. 

The new space, which is adjacent to the coffee shop is called the Tabernacle, because...well, that's what it originally was. It was built around the turn of the (last) century and at one point was used as a place for the famed preacher Billy Sunday to proclaim his message. Today one would never know by its unassuming facade what an incredible wonderland awaits within. 

While the place may be owned by Prish, the art is the creation of one-time cook and house philosopher, Jeremy Twiss. When I stopped in recently he showed me a few of his favorites and told me it took him about a year to accomplish, sometimes working as many as 15 hours a day on his art. But here's the best part...this is his first work of art, prior to this he claimed the "he couldn't paint." Well, I guess he proved himself wrong. 

Being in the space I felt like I was in some sort of mystical Alice in Wonderland Sistine Chapel, it is truly inspiring. I love the vibe of the coffee shop and the Tabernacle is an extension of that same feel. I am really looking forward the the Tabernacle opening, this will be a great addition to Buffalo's flourishing cultural scene. 

Click any photo for a slightly larger view. To read a recent story in the Buffalo News regarding Jeremy's art and the Tabernacle, click here. Here is a link to Sweetness 7's Facebook page, and here is a link to their website.

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