Time May Change Me...

I had stopped out for a couple beers with a friend this evening, She left before me so I had another. The song, Changes, by David Bowie came on. It is one of my favorites of his. It got me thinking how I have hung out in this neighborhood--Allentown--for nearly four decades and have lived here for two. Despite it's flaws and influx of people not from the neighborhood (especially on weekend nights) I still love it. My favorite four corners in the City of Good Neighbors are in fact Allen Street and Elmwood Avenue. This is what I was thinking as I walked home with a belly full of beer. Wanting to capture a photo of it but not having a tripod, I set the camera on the pavement (I've really become interested in these photos from a pavement view). This is a 60 second exposure. One minute out of my life and yours. Everyone rushing to and fro; in and out of each other's lives. Maybe we just need to sit for a minute.

"Time may change me, but I can't trace time" ~ David Bowie