The Peace Bridge on a beautiful late spring evening.

Some info for those not from the WNY area. Officially opened to the public 92 years ago last week, the Peace Bridge connects two countries and spans two moving bodies of water. I'm standing in Buffalo, NY while taking this photo and the other side is Fort Erie, Ontario. Below the bridge you can see the water is divided by Bird Island Pier. The water closest to us it the very beginning (or very end, which ever way you look at it) of the Erie Canal. If you look to the right of the photo in the distance you can see the canal separate and veer to the right and start its solo journey across the State of NY, ending in Albany where it meets the Hudson River. The large body of water past the pier is the fast moving Niagara river. This is just after Lake Erie empties into it and about 20 miles (32 kilometers) before it tumbles over the Falls. The bridge is lit up different colors each night. Tonight it was yellow which I thought was a nice contrast to the blue water and sky.

For my geeky photographer friends, this was shot on a Fuji xt3, 14mm, f18, 160 iso, 25 sec.