The View from My Handlebars (The Book)

Hello Friends,

A bit of self promotion here. My new book, The View from My Handlebars, is available. It contains 22 full color high resolution photos of the beautiful city of Buffalo. All of the photos were taken while riding my bike. 

To order the book in softcover print or PDF visit the publisher's website here. To order it as an eBook, visit the publisher's website here (at this page you can also view a few of the pages; there are also a few sample images below).

Currently the book is also available in softcover at Parables Gallery and Gifts on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, and if you are local you can also order it directly from me (I'll deliver it within a 5 mile radius of 14201). 

The eBook will soon be available at Apple Books, and also in all forms--print and electronic--at Amazon. As other store locations become available I will update this page. 

Thank you, as usual, for visiting and following my somewhat idiosyncratic posts.

Peace, Salaam, Shalom,
Joe George