Upside Downside Inside Out

[This post was written March 16th, 2020. The day businesses began to close]

Tonight feels different.
Topsy turvy and uncertain.
I stopped into my favorite watering hole.
Very briefly and just after work.
Earlier than usual.
I wanted to say goodbye.
For now.
Had one single beer.
Drank it quickly.
Maybe three minutes.
Felt nervous.
Didn’t touch anything.
Barely inhaled.
I wanted things to be normal.
(Whatever that means.)
But they’re not.
I said my goodbyes.
“See you on the other side,” I said.
The bartender responded nervously,
“If there is one.”
Then went and stood at a busy intersection.
My favorite intersection.
But it wasn’t busy.
Some restaurants and bars were already dark.
Then I watched.
One by one.
They all went dark.
I hope and pray my friends
in the entertainment and hospitality industries
make it.
As I stood at the bar,
however briefly,
A guy I know received a text and swore out loud.
He had two jobs and the second had just closed.
My son has three part time jobs.
All closed.
But if this is what we need.
To save us.
So be it.
Tonight is different.
And it's only begun.
There’s probably more to come.
See you on the other side.