Separation Anxiety

To paraphrase the young diarist, Anne Frank, people are still good. I am convinced of this. Despite the arguing and mud slinging you may see on social media, when it comes down to it people are good and want to help one another. Fear is a weakness and often shows up in negative ways, but it is not natural and can be overcome. Helping others and being kind is natural, “Tenderness and kindness are not signs of weakness and despair, but manifestations of strength and resolution” (Kahlil Gibran). In the past few days I have been shown such acts of kindness that it brings tears to my eyes. People paying life forward. I’ve always been a carer and a giver and it is sometimes difficult for me to be on the receiving end, but people want to help, want to give to each other. To those that have gifted me in recent days, thank you. Being a natural INFJ this is difficult for me but it means so incredibly much. It also reminds me—makes me remember—that we are in fact all connected. Each one of us. I was thinking about this, oddly enough, as I walked in the rain to the dollar store this afternoon. That’s when this photo was captured; the below words were written this time last year.

Separation Anxiety
You began as a mist
Rising invisibly
Drawn uncontrollably
As one
And there you stayed
Growing stronger
Until all at once you burst forth
Separating into droplets
But still connected
You fall from such great height
Yet you land on me
And all around me
Separately and together
Still connected
But you've forgotten
Your connection
Separate droplets
But from the same One
Soon you will evaporate
Or slide off into the earth
And be drawn up again
Repeating the cycle
Returning to One
But there you are
On your leaf
As if you are alone