Miriam-Webster dictionary defines hope as this: to cherish a desire with anticipation: to want something to happen or be true. The same dictionary lists an antonym or opposite of hope as despair. There have been times in my life—dark times—when I’ve been in a state of despair. Though even then I could still grasp the smallest sliver of hope and cling to it as if my life depended on it (and it does). But let me be clear, I do not feel that hope—like prayer—is simply wishful thinking, though that in itself can offer positive change in a person’s life. But rather to me hope is a verb, an action word, and like prayer it is the action of tapping into what is inside one’s self. For to have outward results one must first travel inward. One may sit and hope or pray—wish for things to happen—and sometimes it does, but for hope to take form, to manifest in one’s life one must take action of sorts, however small the steps. To me, and these are just my thoughts, that it is like working in tandem with the Universe, accepting what is already there which She has given. So on this day I hope and pray for so many things.  It’s not always easy, not all days are bright and sunny. Some are still dark. But this is what sustains me, hope for the future. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see,” ~ Hebrews 11:1