About a knife.


So a couple things. One is—and I’ve mentioned this recently—I’ve been doing a lot of purging lately. And it feels good. Some things are more difficult than others to get rid of, but everything that I’ve discarded or donated no longer serves me. This said, there are things I’ll continue to drag through my life. Books, for example. I have tons. I simply like how they make the house feel. Old photos, too (many which I’ve recently found again). And also my knives and other culinary items (when I am truly old—inshallah—I’ll donate them to an aspiring culinary student, I suppose). This said, I also recently came across a box of probably 40 or 50 knives and other small-wares I’ve used throughout my career. This is a reproduction of a journal entry I wrote yesterday while on lunch break at work (if this bores you, I understand, my apologies, feel free to keep scrolling). And lastly...never touch another cook’s knife without their permission.