So I got a new bike, and it’s electric assist which is pretty exciting to me. I’ve been thinking about getting an electric assist for quite some time. I still have a small fleet of solely human powered bikes—which I’ll use interchangeably—but I have to say I am enjoying the extra push...when I pedal the bike also pushes. I’ve been thinking about this for a while as some days—many days—my body hurts...after nearly 40 years of working on my feet (and bending, and stooping, and reaching, and running up and down stairs) it has taken it’s toll. So having the extra push is welcome. I also chose this particular model for a couple reasons. One is the price; it is a lower-end model which I was able to purchase with my stimulus check (I’m helping stimulate the economy). But also that it is a small utility bike, sort of like a mini cargo bike. Given its size it sort of feels like riding my Dahon folding bike, but at nearly 70lbs (32kgs) it is more than twice the weight.

Bicycles are my main mode of transport so this is a pretty big deal to me. There are so many reasons I choose to live car-free and being kind to the planet is just one of them (and yes, before you comment, I am fully aware of the evils of lithium batteries...which are in most things electronic including your phone, tablet, or laptop on which you may be viewing this). I also have to add that I have a clean and valid driver’s license (people have sometimes questioned this); I simply choose to live without a car (and I am not the only one).

The bike is a Class 2 electric bike with a top speed of 20mph (32kph) so it is legal the same places an ordinary bike is. Some time ago while riding a large cargo bike and pedaling past a guy on the street he pointed and exclaimed, calling out to whoever would look or listen, “That man is riding the future!” Well, to be honest, when I’m on this electric assisted bike and feel its efficiency I truly do feel like I am riding the future (of personal transportation). Anyhow, if you are in the 716 and see me zipping past be sure to say hi :)