Coronavirus Selfie


So this is a cellphone selfie from early March of 2020, it’s titled “Corona Selfie.” It was the first time I had worn a face-mask in public and was on the way to a pharmacy. I remember how awkward and self-conscious I felt. It’s the type of mask one wears when doing home repairs; it’s the only one I had at the time. Now of course it is common place. Like most, I now have masks pockets, hanging from doorknobs, hanging from my handlebars, and even in my camera bag.

Since the pandemic was declared I and co-workers, and many others around the world, have had to wear a mask while at work. Every workday. All day. Things (outside of the workplace) have lightened somewhat over recent months, but now—because of rising infection rates—the county in which I reside in New York State (Erie) has again mandated face-masks for all indoor events.

Will I wear one? Yes, of course (I already do all day at work). Do I like it? Hell no. Do I feel like it is infringing upon my rights as an American? No. Will I stamp my feet and cry and complain about it? No.

Also, I should add, I am triple vaccinated.

If the simple act of wearing a face-mask can keep myself or others around me safe then the minor annoyance worth it. And yes I know that someone right now has fingers poised at their keyboard to rattle off statistics of the ineffectiveness of face-masks. That’s fine, but I’ll still wear one.

Did you know that NASA is planning on “nudging” an asteroid in space to see if they can change its trajectory? This is a test run for when one does scream directly towards the small blue orb we call home. Sort of like a sci-fi movie, right? What’s not science fiction is that our planet is on fire and getting hotter. Also what’s not science fiction is the pandemic. The earth is trying to shake us off like fleas and we are hanging on for dear life

My point is this: There are far worse things in the world to worry or argue over than whether or not you should where a mask. Just do it. Wear a mask. Also, get vaccinated. I’ll get off my little soapbox now.