Journal Entry, 19 November 2022


Journal Entry, 19 November 2022

I woke this morning under a pile of blankets to muffled sounds and knew that we had gotten more snow.

Going downstairs the two old pugs were curled into a yin/yang position so I lit the stove to warm the room.

After turning on the coffee pot and while the dogs ate, I went out the back door in boots and bathrobe to shovel a short path for the them to “do their business.” But still, I had to go out and rescue Franklin who is blind and could not find his way back up the stairs.

While having coffee and listening to the crackle of a young fire the song, Country Trash by Johnny Cash, looped in my head. But it was reworked: “Got a potbelly stove and a cord of wood, [Joe] turns the left-overs into [something good], I'm doing alright [in my hood].

And then it occurred to me that it is only November. There’s a couple feet of snow outside (three times that in the suburbs) and it is still autumn; there’s a month before winter actually begins.


Leila said…
Your fire looks lovely and makes me nostalgic for the fire at our last house.Here in New Zealand we are heading into summer.Lots of rain and thunderstorms atm.Keep warm and love to your lovely pugs.