The Future Of The Automobile?

When I first saw this photo I was (and still am...a little) somewhat speechless (how much does that weigh, I wonder) about reversed roles. By the looks of it, this photo was taken somewhere in Latin America. I love the fact that he is pedaling down the street with other cars. It would be interesting to pedal this car-carcass through the parking lot of a suburban mall and park it next to a hummer. This shows what a human powered vehicle is truly capable of.

To see some of the things I've carried on my bike (trust me, none of them come close to carrying a car body), click here.


jaz@octoberfarm said…
hi...i love your blog and signed up to follow it. i live in the city and turned my formal back yard into raised beds and am growing as much as i can. you might want to take a look at:

see you around! i have a cool bike too!
Joe said…
Hi Jaz,

Thanks for your blog.