Potato Pancakes with Broccoli, Bell Pepper, and Cheddar

I had a hankering for potato pancakes today so I made some for my son and I for dinner. I had planned on having them with eggs, but after investigating my refrigerator and adding more ingredients to the mix they became so substantial that I forwent the eggs for a little fruit and a side of kimchi. These crispy little nuggets were so delicious I was eating them straight from the pan...they are so simple to make, here's how I made them.

Shred the potato and cheese; mince the broccoli, onion, and pepper. Add an egg or two, along with enough flour to bind it. Season it with sea salt, garlic, and lots of black pepper.

Heat olive oil in a skillet and drop the batter in a spoonful at a time.

Cook until browned and crispy on both sides and the potatoes are cooked throughout. Enjoy


Anonymous said…
That sounds ridiculously delicious.
Sally said…
I will be trying this one soon! Looks perfect for a busy time of year. Thanks!
Jim said…
Have not made those for 15 years... I feel that we might be eating the same thing this weekend !