A Delicious Pauper's Dinner

 As is often the case in my house, dinner time rolls around and I look in the fridge to find only a few meager things...tonight was no exception. But one of the (many) good things of having worked for years as a professional cook is the ability to make something really good out of even the simplest ingredients. Anyhow, after a quick scan of the fridge and cupboard, this is what I came up with: a little brown rice, vegetable broth, a few vegetables, and a can of beans.
I have to be honest and say that after cooking rich and somtimes elaborate meals on the job these simple ones are the meals that I truly crave. Anyhow, this is how I made it:

I first cooked the rice in vegetable broth with couple dried chilies, sea salt, and a little turmeric.
While the rice was cooking I diced the vegetables, drained the beans, and minced a couple cloves of garlic (I always have to have garlic). Then I sauteed the vegetables in virgin olive oil.
When the vegetables were translucent but not browned, I added the garlic, a little toasted cumin seed, and the beans. After a minute or so I added a little broth to de-glaze the pan, and folded in the rice.

Topped with a nice sized dollop of plain yogurt and drizzled with Sriracha it was delicious. With a side of whole grained bread and a perfectly ripe pear I couldn't ask for a better meal.


This looks really good after six hours of working with sugar. That tomato bread recipe does too, actually.

Anyway, here's my blog: jeanninejanina.blogspot.com I hesitate to show it to you, just because I have a fear of coming into work next Wednesday to you holding a list of everything I got wrong in my recipes. Be gentle.
electric said…
Cooked a version of this with different vegetables, simple and good. Thanks for posting.