It's on Its Way

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Just got word from the good people at Yuba that my order is being processed, which I'm assuming means is ready to be shipped. I ordered the bike more than a month ago and had to wait because I ordered the stylish matte black variety. Most of my bikes are painted black (my current Mundo being the exception); I either purchased them that way or painted them myself. I suppose it's my somewhat sarcastic nod to Henry Ford and his famous quote about his original automobiles: "Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black". At any rate, I am very excited; I'll keep you posted...and hey, it's way cheaper than a sports car.

Incidentally, my current Mundo is still for sale. I've temporarily lowered the price to $600(u.s.). If you're within a 150 mile radius (240K) of where I live and are interested feel free to email or leave a post. Quite a bargain for a bike of this caliber.


Premodern Bloke said…
Perhaps I missed it in a previous post...but what is different about the new bike?
Joe said…
A few things:

I own a v1 Mundo, I'm actually skipping a generation purchasing this one, a v3. The v2, I've read, is 5 pounds lighter than the v1, and the v3 is 10 pounds lighter than the weight is one thing. Another are somewhat better components. The frame is also disc-break ready, which I will most likely eventually install. There are also multiple braizons (sp?) located throughout the frame offering much personal customization. The in itself looks a little leaner and slicker than the v1 (trust me I have spent hours scrutinizing photos and reading reviews before making the purchase). At present still have not received it...saw that my credit card was finally build so hopefully it will be on it's way soon. Once I have it and ride it for a while I'll post a full review.
Premodern Bloke said…
Wow...a net 15 lb difference is significant. I have never had a bicycle with disc brakes, but I can imagine that they would be a particular improvement when carrying heavy loads.

And flat black has to be one of the easiest to maintain colors.

I look forward to the review.