A Great Example

I came across this short video at Streetsblog. It's really a great example of someone trying (and succeeding, in my eyes) to make a difference. Not only is he an avid cyclist, but in the cafe that he owns he offers indoor (yes, indoor) bike parking. He also says he opened his cafe to support the local community. Cheers, Sal! The next time I make it to the Bay area I'll be sure and support your business.


sally said…
I love this idea Joe.
What a difference one person can make. Yes!
Premodern Bloke said…
Thanks for sharing that, Joe. I very much enjoyed it. I think that the key word there was "integration". I noticed that in addition to a cargo bike, he had a nice vintage 10 speed...one that had fortunately escaped the fixie conversion craze!
Joe said…
I also think it's interesting that they showed him on an old ten-speed...I ride three different bikes that all serve different purposes. And I too think fixies are silly...only good for short races or circus tricks...as practical bicycles they are impracticable.