Yellow Chicken and Brown Rice

This is yet another variation of chicken-and-rice that I made for my son and I for dinner tonight. All cultures seem to have their own version of chicken-and-rice and many are made using the same method but with different seasonings (and a few other ingredients, of course). In this version I used chicken wings instead of breast or thigh (doesn't every Buffalonian have chicken wings in their freezer?); I also used brown rice instead of white. After sauteing the wings in a skillet I added curry and tandoori spice to them (hence the yellow), then I made a traditional  brown rice pilaf to which I added the browned and seasoned wings (to finish their cooking as the rice cooked). Here's the recipe (in pictures); if you'd like to see other variations of this (with pictures and printable recipes), including my favorite, click here, here, or here.


Amrita said…
Yums. Someone showed me raisin bread. Do you make it?
Joe said…
Amrita...thanks, it was delicious (I love curry and Indian flavors). And yes I do make raisin bread, it too is delicious.