The Bubble Man of Allen Street

As a life long Buffalonian I have always promoted our city as both beautiful (on many levels) bt also unique, and sometimes a bit quirky...this is a good example. I'm of course talking about the Bubble Man, the man who fills the street with bubbles from his third story apartment 365 days a year. I realize that many of you have never been to Buffalo, but if you do I encourage you to visit the corner of Allen and Elmwood, because when you do the busy urban intersection may be aloft with bubbles. This is my favorite intersection in the city and also the heart of my favorite neighborhood, Allentown, the neighborhood where I work and live. I cross this intersection every morning on my way to work and as I wait for the light on my bike the bubbles in the air really offer a nice beginning to my sort of feels like our own real-life Sesame Street. The bubble man fills the street with bubbles year round, rain-or-shine; even on the coldest days of winter. So this post is simply a thank you...Thank you Bubble man for making our days a little brighter. To read more about the bubble man in Buffalo Rising, click here or here. You can also view a Facebook page about him here.


DanT said…
Hi Joe.
I was at that intersection a few times today but there were no bubbles today. Probably too windy.

Allentown is a fascinating neighbourhood and would be my favourite Upstate New York location to live in.

Joe said…
Hi Dan...what brings me to my neck of the woods? Next time let me know, if I'm available we could grab a coffee or beer. Anyhow, yes Allentown is a great neighborhood...lived here for the past 10 years but have been a denizen for many years prior. And I'm surprised you didn't see the bubble man...he's usually blowing away (he uses a fan) no matter what the weather.
Unknown said…
Does anyone know his email address or mailing address? I wanted to see if I could possibly get an interview.