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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Yuba Mundo (four generations)

This post is for all the Mundo riders out there (and other velophiles who are interested in cargo bikes). First I have to ask a silly question...what's a good word for us; people who ride Mundo cargo bikes? Bicyclists is not specific enough. Mundonians? Yubonians? Yubites? Mundoners? Any, all, or none, I suppose. Sometimes my mind goes off on tangents. Anyhow, next is what I really wanted to post about.

As many of you know the new v4 Mundo is out. I have to say that it is a bit exciting to me (to see the new model) but also a little saddening (because the one I own is no "longer top of the line").  I was in NYC this passed weekend and stopped into Hudson Urban Bicycles (click here and here) to check out their cargo and Dutch bikes. As I walked in one of the first bikes I see is a brand new v4 Mundo leaning against the wall. I have to say it looks pretty nice. It was a matte black color--like the one I own--so it was easy to see the differences that may look slight at first but really are significant.

It seems with each version they lighten up the frame a bit. You can see by the images above the slight differences (v1 on the top descending to v4). Click the image for a much larger view. I was not able to test ride it (it was pouring rain) but I did notice that it felt much lighter than mine when I lifted it. The mechanic who was working on a bike nearby didn't know how much it weighed either but said it rode really nice (that's didn't surprise me--the nice ride--I told responded).

I originally owned a v1 (click here to see it). And while I loved the bike I also thought it drove like a big cushy tank. When I skipped a generation and purchased the v3--that I currently own--I was, and still am, amazed at how nice it rides...just like an ordinary bike. Anyhow, the new v4 has a new sleek look...the rear frame is rearranged a bit, a couple bars are removed, and the entire rear area seems a bit thinner, more refined.

I have no plans of selling my current one to purchase the new version but I'd be stretching the truth if I didn't admit that I was ogling over it when I saw it in the shop (I am, though, in the very early stages of considering another "everyday bike," possibly something Dutch, though I'm not sure...this is what drew me to a few bike shops in NYC).

Anyhow, it still makes me proud to be a Mundo owner. I'm glad to see the good people at Mundo progressing and refining the bike. I'd be interested in hearing from other Mundo riders or longtailers to see what you thought of the new version, and also what are some of the versions/bikes you ride. Is anyone considering this new one?


kfg said...

What's wrong with Mundane? :)

Joe said...

Hah...I laughed out loud when I read that (and I mean that truly, not in an "lol" sort of way). I didn't think of that one. But when I think of it pertaining specifically to me...some days that may be the most appropriate.

James said...

When you bought your first edition V1 you became "Mundo-neer".

With your V3 you became a "Mundo-ist".

Now, I think you have become a "Mundo-isseur."

That Hudson Urban Bicycle Shop is really geat, isn`t it? That`s where, a couple year`s ago, I saw a real live Mundo for the first time.

Looks like they changed the stem and handlebars on the V4, no?

Pangolin said...

I have yet to get a chance to rida a Mundo. The nearest shop that sells them is two hours drive south and I can't justify that just to test ride a bike I can't afford to buy.

As to the nomenclature..... you just might be a cargoista. Which is a term I've seen a few times.

Otherwise you're just another Mundoan bike rider. "Riding Longtail" sounds to 'porn-ey' for common use.

kfg said...


If that means that naked temple chicks will be lining up to do gymnastics on my handlebars; I'm in.

Joe said...

James, H.U.B. is an awesome shop. I also liked Adeline Adeline ( I'm not sure if they changed the handlebars on the v4, but the rear of the bike is definitely streamlined (and I like it).

Pangolin, If you do get a chance to test ride a Mundo I recommend may fall in love. Cargoista...I like it. But it sounds easier to say (to me) to say cargista...but then it sounds too car-centric. And I also agree on the riding longtail thing.

Kfg...I'm in as well.

Anonymous said...

Mundolist sounds appropriate to me. I don't own one yet. I'm in the process of deciding which way to go. I'm definitely going to purchase one. I'm considering the electric version. I'm trying to decide which one would fit my needs. My option would be Yuba in terms of the stock El Mundo which comes with an EZ hub motor. Option 3 would be a Yuba with a Stokemonkey set up which would conquer the task of going up the hills in my area. The last and final option is a Yuba with a Crystalite/Phoenix Brut Hub motor. This is the most powerful hub motor around. This motor is capable of speeds well over 30 mph.

Joe said...

Anonymous...thanks for visiting, and glad you're thinking of getting a cargo bike...keep us informed :)

Joshua said...

Hey what happened to the V3.5

Joshua said...

oops. I meant v3.3

Joe George said...

Joshua...I wasn't aware there was a v3.3. I ride a v3, now I'm questioning if it is a 3.3...I bought it shortly before the v4 came out. How do I know the difference?

Joshua said...

on the v3.3 the front most supports do not go all the way to the bottom bracket the stop at the seat stays this modification made room for a mid drive electric motor like the "Stoke monkey".

andrewasho1 said...

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