Premonition Realized

Well this is interesting, if not a bit odd....but without doubt a premonition or at least a foreshadow of what was to come. But I'm getting ahead of myself as I often mind usually thinks faster than my fingers can peck the words out. I'll start over. Last week I was cleaning out a room in my house; a small room which I fondly refer to as the "junk room" because it's more of  a storage space than anything. I was cleaning it out because I'm planning on rehabbing it into a new bedroom for my son. Anyhow, cleaning it also meant giving away and/or discarding some old stuff; thus I was going through some old boxes. In one of the boxes was an old Boy Scout's uniform...yes, believe-it-or-not, for a very short period as a lad I was a scout; only made it to Tenderfoot. This would have been in 1971 or 72. The reason I remember is that I lied about my age to get in (yes a bit contradictory to the ethics they are trying to implant in the young kids); I was 10 years old and the age requirement was, as it still is, 11 years of age; this was 40 years ago.  It's interesting that I remember this because I don't remember much else about my short tenure as a scout. But I do remember practicing for my one and only merit badge, the one pictured above....a cooking merit badge. My mom helped me make scrambled eggs. It's interesting, though, that I don't recall any early inclination that I wanted to cook, but that was the one and only merit badge I strove for. I hadn't even remembered it until this past week. I would have never imagined what was to follow. Five or six years later I would get my first job, peeling potatoes and chopping onions in this Greek diner. A few years later I'd work for a European chef that would influence me to take cooking not just a source of income but as a career choice. Culinary school and a series of chef jobs followed....needless to say I've been facing a stove for the past 34 or 35 years. And this is what I thought about as I stared at the merit badge when I found it in a box. Coincidence? Maybe. Premonition or foreshadow? Possibly, but who knows? But you ave to admit it is pretty interesting. One thing is for sure, and whether I like it or not, ich bin ein koch.  And now, as I just breached the 50 year mark, I am trying to figure out what to do with the remainder of my years on this spiraling orb we call Earth.

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