A Few Photos of Winter

Winter, I think, is an amazing time to take photos...an amazing time in general, especially with the crazy weather we've had this year. The contrast of color-to-bleak and lush-to-stark inspires me. The above photo (birds in a tree) was taken yesterday when we had crazy-strong wind gusts...the birds just swayed back and forth in the wind at the top of the tree. The photo directly below (stick, moss, and snow) is of a ledge on a stone wall that I see nearly every day as I leave work...the time of day is just right; the light--when the clouds break--enhances any small debris that the wind happens to blow onto the ledge. And the bottom photo (frozen herb) is a picture of my front yard...despite the roller coaster weather the parsley still survives and thrives. After snapping the picture I ate a couple leaves. Click any image for a larger view.

Urban Simplicity.