A Few Pictures from a Cold Grey Day

This winter has been exceedingly mild and warm (did someone say global warming?)...by this time we--in Western New York--are usually buried under a couple feet of snow resulting from our second or third snow storm. As I type these words there is a mere glazing of snow on the ground. I'm not complaining (it's great for bike riding), just making an observation. At-any-rate, the cold and grey weather has arrived; yesterday the temps dipped into the single digits (Fahrenheit), but today it rose to the mid-twenties. Anyhow, I've still been fighting a cold (6th day) and have had very little outdoor time. But today I had off of work, and despite the cold and grey I had to get out. Rather than ride I chose to walk to do a few errands (the wind on a bike would have been a bit bracing, I felt). And as usual I took a few photos. If carrying a camera while on a bike is conducive to taking photos, then carrying one while walking is even more so. Nearly everything I saw seemed "photo worthy" to me. Anyhow, here's a few of what I saw, click them for a larger view.

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