Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#387)

A half-gallon of orange juice, a half gallon of milk, a dozen eggs, a gym bag full of clothes, and a small box of tissues.

Urban Simplicity.


Andy in Germany said…
I like it. Sometimes I nearly covet your Yuba.

But... wouldn't some panniers be handy for this sort of thing?
Joe said…

Ahh...the pannier question.

Yes, they likley would work well...not sure why I'm reluctanct to get them. Yuba makes huge ones.

Simply, I don't like how they look.

I also don't like how things get smashed around in them (I used to have them on another bike).

Normally I wouldn't carry food items strapped straight to the deck (they'd be in a crate or box), but I stopped on the spur of the moment for just a couple items.
Max said…
I know I've said it before too Joe, but the go-getters work wonderfully. It's really not the same as using conventional panniers (I've years of experience with both).

I agree the look of the GG isn't all it could be. Yuba did just update them. They're now silver and white. Better for visibility, but will look dirty in a heartbeat. Just think, with all that blank white fabric one could make a custom advertising on the side. How about, "Eat At Joe's"? ;)

When I first got my V1 I experimented with a wicker hamper-like basket. It didn't work with the kid's legs dangling, but definitely had style.

But ultimately, after looking at all of your posts over the years, I wonder if it isn't more about an enjoyment in the challenge of strapping all those items in place? Your quite good at it. Almost to an art form.

Happy new year!
Joe said…
Max, Thanks. I have seen the new go-getters...not in person but in pictures. I have thought about them. I have to say that the one disadvantage about carrying things on the bike rather than in a container is the weather...especially if it snows or rains. But I still like the soda crate setup when I grocery shop (I once had six stacked on each other---two rows of three). Maybe bags eventually. Maybe. Thanks, as always, for visiting and commenting.
Max said…
Joe, one last thing. Your mentioning of your soda crates reminded me (at least if my memory holds true), that an image of your V1 with the crates played a bit of a roll in my "going Mundo". (Was there an interview of sorts too?) Anyway, it was "that guy in Buffalo" and some of those Seattle families that really showed me that there were possibilities after the outgrown trailer. So big thanks.

And on a most certainly related note, another family here has test ridden my V1 and had the "ah ha" moment, and are now planning to get some version of a longtail. So that, again is linked to you and your decision to ride (and the power of the interwebs). Just imagine all the other folks who are inspired just when passing by, surfing/driving, or otherwise.


Joe said…
Max...awesome. Thanks for your kind words. I remember seeing the Mundo for the first time (on the Internet, not in person) and then printing there brochure. I poured over it, agonizing whether I should purchase it or not..glad I did, of course. I suppose if it weren't the Mundo I would have gotten another cargo bike, but I really do like the has made me nearly--but not entirely--car free.