A View From My Handlebars, a Couple Thoughts, and a Self-Portrait

There's an old saying that I suppose could be used in many regions but it seems especially pertinent in Western New York, maybe you've heard it before...If you don't like the weather, wait a minute. About 72 hours ago it was in the single digits Fahrenheit, then yesterday it warmed up to spring-like temperatures and poured rain all day, and now as I type these words it's frigid again. This morning when I woke it was sunny, and just before I left for work the clouds seemed to speak to each other and push together just in time to squeeze out a short burst of snow. The picture above is a snapshot of my morning commute as I approached Delaware Ave on Allen. The photo is blurry for two reasons. The first is that the camera was shaking...I pulled it out of my pocket as I road and snapped a shot, but the second--and this is something the camera didn't capture that well--was because of the gush of snow. I don't take or show pictures of myself too often on the Internet, but below is a self-portrait of sorts that I took just before I left the house (gotta love the reverse camera feature on the iPhone). Anyhow, one of the many tings I enjoy about riding a bike in all weather is just that...the weather. A biker is not only keenly aware of of nearly every pothole or crevice in the road of his/her regular commute, but also of the weather conditions. And for that I am grateful. 

Urban Simplicity.


Oldfool said…
Brrr, I am such a wimp. I can barely stand to get from under the covers on these cool mornings (41*F).
I will take the bike out when it gets above 50*F, if it's not windy, but when it rains now the great outdoors is safe from me.
I just don't seem to be as tough as I used to be. Hawaii looks better all the time.
Joe said…
Old Fool...understood. It's getting tougher for me each year, but there's still part of me that really enjoys the cold. I spent some time in Southern Louisiana in the mid-1980's and found the heat and humidity oppressive. "Six of one and a half dozen of the other." Any extreme weather makes things difficult I think...and with global warming I think we're in for a lot of it (extreme weather). Thanks for visiting.