Barcelona 1908

I've posted this video in the past but not in a while. I thought I'd re-post in the event you haven't seen it. When I first came across it I was mesmerized...I still am. I think it's beautiful. Maybe it's the music, I'm not sure. It captures the street scene more than a hundred years ago from the view of the front of a street car. The people look so happy...they were likely trying to be on film, something that was new at the time. One thing (one of the many things) I like about this film is the amount of bicycles that people are riding, which would also have been brand new at the time (at least the type they are riding, which are similar to those we still ride today). Anyhow, it's a little over seven minutes long. Watch a little or sit back, sip some wine or a coffee...and be mesmerized.

Urban Simplicity.


Andy in Germany said…
This raises a quesion that's been on my mind for a while: Why should bikes be ridden 'Like a car'?

Surely this video shows that if we ride like a car we're imitating he most dangerous thing on the street and endangering other people in turn?

I also notice that contrary to the opinions of a lot of people today, cyclists seemed to have no trouble with the tran lines in the street.

I like the reactions as well: Obviously some people realise there is a camera and they try and stay in shot as long as possible.
Joe said…
Andy...nice to hear from you. I also noticed that the cyclists had no trouble with the trolly tracks. But the question is...are they riding their bikes like cars or are the car drivers following the intuition of the cyclists? Nonetheless...the people on bike sure looked like they were having a good time didn't they?