Comments about Dusk...and one other thing

That's my Mundo pictured above; it's parked in one of my usual spots at the health club (I commented on this parking spot previously at this post). I came out of the club this evening at just about 6pm and saw the incredible blue hue you see in all of these photos; none are adulterated. It was as if everything was glowing. I've said it before, but dusk and dawn are truly magical (I think) for many reasons, one of them is the the light. The picture directly below is what I see when I look straight out over where the bike is parked, looking out over Buffalo's East Side. The two trees below are just to the left...I really think barren trees in the winter are beautiful, and this light only accentuates this. Anyhow, the other thing I wanted to comment on was the parked's just as I found it when I came out of the health club. Do you notice anything unusual (look before reading on)?

Give up?

I have two heavy locks on the bike--a U-lock and a chain/padlock--but...neither of them are locked. I must have been thinking of something else as I pulled up and unloaded the bike. I parked it in it's usual spot but didn't lock it. And I was in the club longer than usual tonight...nearly two hours it sat there unattended. Anyone could have simply got on it and pedaled away. Luck? Maybe. Good Karma? Hopefully. But one thing is for sure is that I am truly thankful it was still there when I came out. And to top it off...I had the added gift of this wonderful blue hue.

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