A Few Things I Saw Today

I've used this comparison before but have to mention it again...you see a lot more when on a bike than in a car but you see ten times that when you walk. Because, like a car, when you ride a bike you have to stay in control--or at  least keep the bike in control lest you fall. But when walking, especially in a neighborhood that is familiar to you, you can walk somewhat aimlessly and take it all in...and that's just what I did today. I have a couple things laying heavy on me--concerns and decisions to make--and one of the best things to help level my thoughts (besides prayer and meditation) is a good contemplative walk. I really believe that there is art and beauty all around us--even in the middle of a city--and that all one has to do is look. Anyhow, these are just a few of the things I saw today on my short walk (a mile each way) to the health club.

I saw the above squirrel--rather, he saw me first--as I approached it at the corner of  Delaware and Summer Street. It darted from in front of me, forgetting the chestnut it was chewing, then came back--looking at me the entire time--to retrieve it before scurrying onto the fence to finish it's consumption. He was, I'm guessing 30ft/9m from me--truly taxing the zoom on my little point-and-shoot camera--but I'm sure he was watching me out of the corner of his eye. I watched him for a moment and wondered if he ever worried about money or paying bills or about anything for that  matter. Likely not. His concerns are honed to where his next chestnut is, how secure his shelter, or if there are any predators about.

The photo directly below is the shadow of a fence very near where the squirrel was sitting; the light seemed just right at the moment I was standing there.

The next photo below, and in the middle, is of a flower I'm sure I saw while in full bloom (I walk/ride this route often). In the height of season it was I'm also sure, white, fluffy, and full of life. But now, brown and withered, it still stood defiant of it's decay.

And the most bottom photo (and this is my favorite) is a little hidden gem in the city. I've photographed this path before and in all seasons though not this close up (meaning I walked down it a bit). It's a private path (a rear entrance to someone's home) but to me it looks like it could be somewhere in rural Europe. What's interesting is that it is located on Summer Street in the city of Buffalo.

Walking is good for your physical health but also good for your mental/emotional health, at least for me it is. So the next time you feel anxious or need to work something out internally, go for a walk, you'll be amazed at what you see in your own neighborhood...but don't forget to bring a camera.

Urban Simplicity.