Five Photos of Snow and Cold

As mentioned in a previous post, we got a good taste of winter last night and today...frigid temperatures and a fair amount of snow. I wasn't out a great deal--just enough to enjoy it--but I did snap a few photos. Even though the above photo was the last I took I chose to place it at top because it is my favorite. I was already home and sitting at my desk when I glanced out the window and saw that sky...the purple and pink were amazing. I went out on my porch, took a couple photos, sat back down and looked out the window again...and it was gone. It lasted like five minutes; I'm glad I had a chance to see it. The next three are various things I saw on my very cold bike ride today. And the bottom one is another's actually a duplicate of another photo (click here) separated by a couple weeks....the earlier version shows the same scene without snow. As usual, click any photo for a larger view. Thanks for visiting.

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