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Friday, February 24, 2012

Fortune Cookie Philosophy

I never really thought about it...but hope (and would be flattered if) it is true. To read more in the fortune cookie philosophy series, click here.

Urban Simplicity.


Dr. C said...

This blog was one of the main things which persuaded me to take the plunge and buy my Yuba Mundo...

Joe said...

Dr. C...Thanks! The Mundo is awesome. I also just checked out your blog...nice as well. I've thought about getting a Kona Africa's the ride?

Dr. C said...


The Kona Africa Bike is a lot like a 'normal bike' version of the Yuba Mundo in many ways. It has a pretty good load capacity for a regular bike; being integrated into the frame means the rack can carry a lot more weight than an after-market rear rack. The downside of this is that the rack tubing diameter limits the choice of panniers which can be used somewhat. The fork also has a second set of eyelets for a front carrier or large basket too.

I ended up giving mine to my girlfriend, as much as I liked the Africa Bike, I liked my Raleigh Roadster more, and keeping them both for myself seemed a bit pointless. The upside is that she has been able to discover what it is like to ride a bike which is practical, comfortable and upright, which has really turned her on to cycling quite a bit more.