Four Unrelated Photos and a Few Words to Describe Them

The only way these photos have any relation to one another is that they were all taken today. Other than the one  directly below--which was taken earlier in the day while at work--the other three were all taken within about 20 minutes of one another. Here's a bit about them, from top to bottom:

I was waiting on a street corner for my son to come out of his music lesson this evening when I saw motion in the sky that drew my eyes up. There was a veritable river of birds (crow, I think) traveling directly overhead (click the image for a better view). My son came out and we stood there for a few minutes in silence and just watched them pass.

Directly below is a dessert we were testing this morning...triple chocolate napoleon.

A set of stairs that caught my attention.

A hood ornament to a car...seems like that one needs a caption.

Urban Simplicity.


Dr. C said…
I wouldn't want to be a pedestrian getting hit by that car (not that being hit by any car is a pleasant experience)
Joe said…
Yes, that looks pretty painful.