Things I Saw within an Arm's Reach of Each Other

It's interesting what a few hours make. I took these photos this morning as I was arriving at work. It looked and felt like a beautiful pre-spring morning. Later in the evening I took these photos and posted them it's been snowing for hours. Anyhow, as I approached work today I anticipated a busy day--and it was...stupid-busy--so I stood outside the rear entrance for a moment to gather my thoughts. There's a short cement walkway to the rear door with a stone wall adjacent to it. And the sun shone sharp in the sky for so early in the season. As I stood there gathering my thoughts--and in an effort to ward off anxiety (it worked for a little while)--I looked at the beauty around me. The pictures immediately above and below are bits of moss growing out of the stone wall...they are really only the size of a large coin. The next photo down is of a short stairway leading to a garden...the sun shone through tree branches that reflected on a wall. And the last photo is of an archaic hook that hangs unused on the same wall.

Urban Simplicity.