Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#399)...and a quick comment

Things on the bike...a gym bag containing two swim suits, two towels, and two pair of swim goggles; and a canvas bag containing a book, magazine, and camera.

A quick comment...That's my bike parked about 10ft from the door to the health club of which I'm a member. Being Monday I almost street has alternate parking and I have to move the truck and find a spot where I won't get ticketed; it can be a real hassle. But I chose to ride and I'm glad I did. It's difficult to see by the picture but the parking lot--in the background--at that time of the day (early evening) is mayhem...parents picking up their children from the after school program and health club members--like me--who just got out of work and are arriving at the facility. There are cars circling the parking lot being driven by annoyed and anxious-looking people seeking a spot to park...some are simply waiting at a stand-still while others double park with flashers on...and wait. I, on the other hand, was able to coast up to the front door.

I know riding a bike is not accessible to everyone--and not many are as crazy as me and the other few souls I see in the snow--but there are alternatives, such as walking and riding occasionally (or even car-pooling and sharing). Anyhow, I've always thought it was a bit silly when I see people drive cars  to a health club only to ride a stationary bike for a few miles (and then comment how far they "rode"), but another incentive--at least at this club--is that bikes always get the best parking spaces. I'm just saying.

I'll get off my little soapbox now.

Urban Simplicity.