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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Times They Are A Changing...

I've posted this short video before but recently came upon it and it seems as fresh as when I first saw it, so thought I'd re-post (for those who may not have seen it initially). I originally came across it at the excellent Toronto based blog, The Urban Country. It's only a minute long and worth your time. And if you a certain age group (like me) you'll likely find this funny.

Urban Simplicity.


Oldfool said...

I remember when smoking cigarettes was good for you, dancing was a sin, bicycles were toys, coffee would stunt your growth and the world was the trash barrel.

Joe said...

OF...I'm not a smoker, but it seems everyone I knew growing up smoked (including both my parents). And isn't it amazing when you think of everywhere people could smoke...airplanes, for example.