Bike Happy

In the event you haven't seen this floating around the Internet for the past couple weeks I thought I'd post it. When I saw it it made me smile and it still does. But I also find it appropriate because I just ordered another bike. Another, you may ask? My response...Hey, I've pared the fleet down to four, only three of which I use. But I did make the personal commitment that if I bring another bike in the house one has  to yes, my loyal and trusty winter bike (aka, the Mule) is going up for sale. If you are in the Western New York / Southern Ontario region and are looking for a good solid--albeit basic--bike that can carry you and your stuff through every weather element, contact me. Anyhow, I've been seeking a simple but hefty (and inexpensive) cargo bike--a smaller version of the Mundo--for daily rides, and I think I found one. I love the Mundo but find I don't always need 7ft of bike when I'm only carrying myself and a gym bag or other small item. Anyhow, more on this later in the week. I'll post pictures. And yes...a new bike does make me happy.

Urban Simplicity.


Andy in Germany said…
I like the poster. I'd get a new biike but I'd feel guilty for usurping my 15 year old Xtracycle. It's hard to feel happy with a bike looking reproachfully at you from the corner of the garage.
Joe George said…
Andy, I'm not looking to replace my cargo bike (Yuba Mundo), but just to have other options. I don't have a garage to store it in; I store it in my living room and use a plank to get it up and down the 6 stairs everyday. Most days this is good, but on days when I'm not carrying anything besides myself it seems a little pointless. Anyhow, here's a link to the bike I've ordered...I ended up getting a deal on it because it is last year's model.