Corned Beef Hash

"Mama turns the left-overs into hash, I'm doin' alright for country trash." 
Country Trash, by Johnny Cash.

As most likely know, this past Saturday was St. Patrick's Day (yesterday was the parade here in Buffalo) and one of the traditional foods eaten is the boiled dinner or corned beef (to read an article with history and recipes I wrote on this subject last year, click here). And invariably you have leftover corned beef...well one of the best ways to utilize these is to turn it into hash (from the French, haché, meaning chopped). I enjoy corned beef but I really love it when it is made into hash. Okay, so this is not the most healthy food there is but it sure is delicious...I served it as staff lunch today with fried eggs (yum!). Anyhow, here's how I made it.

Corned Beef Hash

Heat a skillet (preferably cast iron) with a glaze of vegetable oil. Add a diced onion and bell pepper. Before the vegetables begin to brown add any corned beef leftovers you have...sliced or diced. Using a heavy spatula, turn and chop the beef in the pan until it's course. Add diced potato and a little water to the pan. Continue to turn the hash until the water evaporates, the potato is cooked, and the hash begins to cook in it's own fat. Stir and cook the hash until it is lightly browned but not dry.

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