Ezekiel Bread...yet another variation

Beautiful isn't it? It's a slice of a loaf of Ezekiel Bread I made yesterday and had for breakfast and lunch today. It's airy but not too airy...firm enough to make a nice sandwich bread but at the same time soft enough that most people--even those used to supermarket bread--would enjoy it. You can see specks of beans visible in the cross section. But this is another example how you can really play with the basic recipe...adding or subtracting ingredients as you like (without upsetting the basic bread structure). What's different about this particular loaf is not what I left out of the recipe but what I added...a cooked and diced sweet potato. Why, you may ask? Simply because it had been sitting in my fridge for a few days and I wanted to use it up. It adds a bit more softness and flavor to the bread and at the same time mashes in and becomes part of it, barely detectable.

Anyhow, for my favorite Ezekiel Bread recipe, and the one that works every time, click here. To read my interpretation on Ezekiel Bread recipes in general, click here.

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