Paint it Black

This is a continuation of a previous post. I love the new color, it is more me; I feel more comfortable on the bike now. I still have not ridden it much...disassembled and reassembled it today to paint it, and now it's pouring rain. I did find it interesting removing the front and rear wheels; the front has a drum brake and the rear has a coaster brake and internal 3-speed hub (had to Google a tutorial for the latter). Anyhow, more on the bike after I've ridden it more.

Urban Simplicity.


DanT said…
Hi Joe,
You bought this for the chain guard didn't you? By the way, what happened to the one on the Yuba?

The mat black is very nice,

Joe said…
Dan...That just made me laugh :) It's interesting, while the chain guard looks nice on this bike it's just cheap plastic...everything else is solid and quality-built though (I wonder why they would scrimp on the chain guard). I never did install one on the Yuba, but I'm still considering it (many of my pants have grease marks on the right leg). I like the black as well.
Andy in Germany said…
You did that repaint quickly, Joe, and I agree it looks far nicer: the green make it look a bit 'cheap' to me which is a shame on a bike that well built.

How do you get the paint to stay on though? my previous attempts at painting bikes ended in scratches and tears.
Joe said…
Andy...It's funny you say that about the color. I'm not sure why but a bright colored bike looks cheaper to me as well. I know I shouldn't let something as superficial as a color bother me but it does. And yes, there will be scrapes and's happened on other bikes. The beauty of having all my bikes the same color is I only need on color touch up paint at hand.