Things That Can be Carried on a Bike (#404)

A canvas bag (on the front rack) containing--among other things--a spare camera, a book, and a few recipes. A cardboard box (on the rear rack) containing 5lbs/2.2kg of whole wheat flour, 2 pints of spiced lentil soup, and two roast chicken dinners.

Urban Simplicity.


Mark Stosberg said…

I'm not sure how else to contact the author, so I'm posting here.

I enjoy this series of posts of things that can be carried by bike.

Note that the address of "Bikes as Transportation" in the blog roll has changed. It is now at

The new site is a merger of my old site, plus and two other blogs focused on cargo cycling!
Joe said…
Hi Mark...the address is changed, thanks for your update. I love your blog, btw. And also thanks for visiting.