10mpc / 16kpc (miles/kilometers per coffee)

A couple things. Firstly, I had to drive my son in the wee hours to my sisters house this morning (they were leaving for vacation at 6am) and my truck was quite literally running on empty. And as I have a disdain for spending money on petrol I put $10US in the tank and the needle barely moved. At any rate, after dropping my son off I drove home and parked the truck and there it will sit for the next week or so. I had the day off and planned on running some errands--which I did--and decided to ride the Mundo, which I haven't ridden for a couple weeks (since getting the Cargo-T). What a joy it was to ride this bike again. Not that I am not enjoying the Cargo-T, but I forgot how comfortable and smooth this bike rides...it's a great ride even when carrying just a few items or just myself. The irony is that on my ride today I stopped at the very same gas station as I did this morning only this time for just a cup of coffee (they have a coffee shop inside) and I have to admit that I felt a bit smug as coasted past the pumps. My guess is that I pedaled for about ten miles but I also stopped to "fuel up" (lunch). So the correct title of this post should be 10 miles per cup of coffee and three vegetable tacos. But here I am being smug again...I'll get off my little soapbox now. Anyhow, it did feel really good to be riding this long bike on such a lovely sunny Spring afternoon.

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