A Few Test Photos...and a few words, too

I just purchased an inexpensive used camera from someone off craigslist today. I now have three cameras and none cost more than $99US. This is not meant to be a braggart's statement, but just to reinforce that one does not need a $500 camera to take good pictures. Anyhow, and this is interesting, I think, how they all function differently and that they are each better at some tasks than others (obvious, right?). The smallest of the three, a little palm-sized point-and-shoot takes the best close ups...yup, that's right, most of the close up pictures of flowers on this blog were taken with a camera that is small enough to be hidden within the two palms of my hands. The new used one I purchased today seems to have the best zoom qualities, which will be interesting. All the pictures in this post were taken with that camera. The seagulls above, for example, were likely 1/2 mile in the sky, as was the church steeple below (I love that one). The one below that is of the Bubble Man of Allen Street; he was a half block away and 3 floors up. The fat pregnant stray cat below...well, how could I not take a picture of her if my camera was already in my hand. And the bottom picture is a silhouette of Allentown at dusk with pink sky in the background, the last scene I saw before entering my house. I like this camera.

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